Air Bar Max Disposable - Strawberry Mango
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Air Bar Max Disposable – Strawberry Mango

If you want a vaporizer that delivers a lot of vapor and flavor, the Air Bar Max is an excellent choice. Its battery is strong and its e-liquid capacity is large, so you won’t run out mid-session.

This disposable vaporizer by suorin comes with a 6.5ml pre-filled juice bottle. It also comes with 2000 puffs of 5% salt nicotine e-liquid.


A fusion of two fruits that taste like they were made for each other, this e-liquid is a tropical treat. The fruity scent is a definite win with light cooling notes to round out the experience.

Air Bar Max is a new player on the vape scene, but it has wowed us with its latest offerings. Among the company’s most popular flavors is the Blueberry Raspberry, a sweet and tangy mix of blueberries and raspberries. The brand also boasts the Max, a 5000mAh disposable vape that offers 2000 plus puffs in a stylish and sleek design. The best part is, the device doesn’t require any sort of charging or pod swapping, a feature that will keep your hands free for all the other activities you enjoy. It’s not just a cool gimmick, it’s an excellent value too. We’re sure you’ll agree. Order yours today! The best place to buy a Max is from an online retailer that ships worldwide.


Air Bar Max Strawberry Mango is a tropical blend of strawberries and mango, with a touch of ice to maintain its freshness. It has a great combination of sweet and fruity flavours, which is why it’s popular with vapers who want something unique and exciting.

It has a slightly bigger frame than the Elf Bar 5000 series but not by much, and the mouthpiece is made from rubber instead of hard plastic (a departure from disposables), which is also very comfortable to use. The bottom lights up when you activate it, which is another cool feature.

It comes pre-filled with 6.5ml of ejuice, which is enough to last for up to 2,000 puffs. It also has a large battery and no charging or complicated settings required, making it perfect for anyone who’s just starting out in the world of disposable vape devices. The 5% nicotine strength and 70:30 VG/PG ratio ensures that your draws are smooth, sweet and pleasantly satisfying.

Kiwi Berry Ice

A fine blend of a tangy kiwi and a sweet berry in an iced tea style concoction, Air Bar Max Kiwi Berry Ice is sure to satisfy your fruity cravings. It’s also a bit of a show stopper in terms of vapor production, making it a must have for anyone looking for a new e-liquid to add to their vape collection.

This e-liquid is available in both a squishy and a solid form factor, both of which come pre-filled with a whopping 6ml of 5% salt nicotine. The aforementioned squishy has a hefty 1250mAh battery and is pocket friendly, while the shiny chrome solid is more of a luxury item and comes with an included USB charging cable. The solid has a modest 2500mAh battery and is available in both red and blue variants, making it a must have for any vaper who wants to stick with their favorite brands. The best part is that it doesn’t require any refilling or cleaning, so you can enjoy it for as long as you like.

Red Bull Ice

Air Bar Max is a vape juice that is made from the finest ingredients to give a sweet and refreshing taste to your vaping experience. This flavor contains a combination of fresh berries and sweet raspberry flavouring. It also gives you lashings of ice for a cool and refreshing experience!

This flavour is a perfect summertime vape because it will get you high without adding caffeine. Its sweet taste will make you crave for more!

Red Bull is one of the best known energy drink brands. They use a combination of marketing strategies that have helped them rise to the top of their category.

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