Naked Salt E-Juice Review
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Naked Salt E-Juice Review

Naked salt is a gourmet salt that’s harvested directly from the Dead Sea. It’s a new product from Ari Fruchter, who left his high-tech career to pursue it.

When he was scouting locations for a photo shoot in the Dead Sea two years ago, he noticed a small salt field run by a Palestinian family. This inspired him to start Naked Sea Salt.

It’s kosher

Unlike table salt, which is iodized and often includes anticaking agents, kosher salt is untreated and pure. It’s also coarser than table salt, which gives it a more pure flavor.

In addition, kosher salt isn’t iodized, so it doesn’t leave behind the bitter taste that iodine can cause. That means it’s a better choice for savory dishes, such as soups and stews.

Kosher salt is also easier to use than table salt, as its large crystals make it easy to pick up and sprinkle. It dissolves faster, so you can season food more accurately.

It’s gluten-free

Most vapers will be pleasantly surprised to learn that this award winning e-juice is not only gluten free, but it’s also a whole lot more fun. Unlike most other e-liquids in this class, naked salt does not come with a pricey cobweb clogging hangover. You can be sure to find the good stuff at your favorite vape shop or online e-cig retailer. Keeping in mind that the best way to get your hands on the best stuff is to ask, you can also rest assured that you’ll receive a courteous and friendly customer service experience every step of the way.

It’s vegan

Vegan is the term used to describe someone who does not eat meat or products that have been made with animals. Some people choose a vegan diet because they have an allergy or intolerance to animal protein or dairy, while others do it for health reasons.

The number one reason that people choose a vegan diet is to protect animals from suffering. Animals killed for food suffer terribly, including being kept in small cages and crammed together on factory farms that don’t treat them well.

Some vegans also have a religious belief that they should not kill or harm animals. Some religions, such as Jainism, require that their followers follow a strict vegan diet to be considered fully-religious.

It’s organic

Naked salt is a gourmet salt that’s harvested directly from the Dead Sea. Its mineral content is the highest of any salt on the market, and it comes in fifteen flavors.

Naked Salt’s CEO, Ari Fruchter, says his product is as green as it gets. He’s proud to say 3% of his profits will go to the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, an organization that works to protect and preserve the Dead Sea’s watershed.

He also believes that his joint venture with a Palestinian company is an environmentally sound business model and promotes regional cooperation.

Naked salt is the only Dead Sea salt that’s organically harvested. It’s made with a unique process that includes solar power and the harvesting of sea salt with no chemicals. Combined, these methods preserve the Dead Sea’s natural minerals and make it the healthiest salt on the planet.